Honoring the Memory and Life’s Work of Dr. Hideyuki Akaza

Dr. Hideyuki Akaza departed this life on 1 December 2021.

   We would like to pay tribute to a kind and selfless person and honor his life’s work and achievements.

The Asia Cancer Forum was established to discuss cancer care in Asia, and under the dynamic leadership of Dr. Akaza, over the years its convening power never diminished as a platform capable of bringing together many people. With the specialist insight of a clinician, Dr. Akaza continued to envision the future of cancer care in Asia. A professor of the University of Tokyo, he engaged in various research and initiatives, including with the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC), UICC Asia Regional Office (UICC-ARO), and many other organizations and individuals.

The very fact that so many people have come together to share their wisdom on the realization of UHC for cancer care in Asia is due in large part to their respect for Dr. Akaza’s perceptive observations as a clinician concerned about the future direction of cancer care in Asia. Throughout the history of the Asia Cancer Forum particular efforts have been made to document and record planning and discussion processes. This fact also highlights Dr. Akaza’s strong and determined focus on the future.

We feel a deep responsibility to follow in the footsteps of a great scholar, clinician, interlocutor, concerned human being and supportive friend and to carry forward his life’s work.

Norie Kawahara
Masaru Iwasaki
Akira Nakagawara
Haruhiko Sugimura
Shinjiro Nozaki
Tohru Masui
1 December 2021


The Asia Cancer Forum has worked with UICC-ARO and the University of Tokyo to organize international conferences, from which various reports and academic papers have been compiled and published. The full record of publications is detailed here.

Volume 51, Issue Supplement_1, May 2021

   Leaving no one behind Is UHC for cancer in Asia an achievable goal? Surviving Cancer in Asia: Cross-boundary Cancer Studies, The University of Tokyo

Guest Editors: Hideyuki Akaza and Norie Kawahara https://academic.oup.com/jjco/issue/51/Supplement_1



The 2nd Japan Public-Private Dialogue Forum-A Multi-Stakeholder Dialogue on Universal Health Coverage for Cancer in Asia-Seeking an Approach to Asia Health and Wellbeing Initiative



A Multi-Stakeholder Dialogue on Universal Health Coverage for Cancer in Asia – Seeking an Approach to Asia Health and Wellbeing Initiative



Significance of UICC Activities in Global Health Initiatives on Cancer Looking Towards the Future of Cooperative Networks for Cancer Care in Asia – A Dialogue with the Union for International Cancer Control(UICC)



UICC-ARO Symposium at the UICC 2016 World Cancer Congress How Can We Mobilize Action to Realize UHC in Asia?



UICC International Session: What are the implications of sharing the concept of Universal Health Coverage for cancer in Asia?



Joint Symposium of Korean Cancer Association & UICC-ARO-Cross-boundary cancer studies: cancer and Universal Health Coverage (UHC) in Asia



Roundtable discussion at the UICC World Cancer Congress: looking toward the realization of universal health coverage for cancer in Asia



What is Cost-effectiveness in Cancer Treatment?



Union for International Cancer Control International Session: healthcare economics: the significance of the UN Summit non-communicable diseases political declaration in Asia



The eighth Asia cancer forum: seeking to advance the outcomes of the UN summit: ‘global health as the key to a new paradigm in cancer research’



The 7th Asia Cancer Forum: from the perspective of human security, how can we collaborate as Asians in order to place cancer on the global health agenda? How can we fill in the gaps that exist among us?



The 6th Asia cancer forum: what should we do to place cancer on the global health agenda? Sharing information leads to human security



What Should We Do to Raise Awareness on the Issue of Cancer in the Global Health Agenda?


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